Wood Fired Boilers

Wood Fired Boilers

The new generation of Wood Fired Boilers

C H Faul is the New Zealand agent for Froling Wood Boilers. We supply and install these boilers nationwide. Manufactured in Austria and Germany, Froling's state-of-the-art firewood, wood chip and pellet boilers are being used across Europe and now in New Zealand for efficient heating. Froling's heating systems are installed in schools, industrial applications, and swimming pools, and are also ideal for domestic and commercial heating.

Why heat with biomass?

Heating with wood is just as convenient as heating with oil or gas. Pellet and wood chip boilers are fully automatic heating systems that work in a similar way to oil or gas heating. Get flexibility with logs or pellets (in a combi boiler). With a Froling Wood Boiler, you can also connect solar systems, secondary boilers or other components to increase your green footprint, energy efficiency or the convenience of your system.

Why choose a Froling wood chip heating system?

These wood chip heating systems impress with their fully automatic operation, robustness and universal application options. A German brand, the secret is in the details. Froling wood chip and chip heating systems are a high-performance range offering a fully automatic combustion system. The woodchips are automatically transported from a storage room to the boiler.

Choose an experienced installer for your Wood Boiler System

Based in Invercargill, C H Faul work throughout Otago and Southland. Our experienced team bring over 60 years in the heating and ventilation industry to every project. We’ve worked with major companies throughout the lower South Island converting them to biomass heating and boiler systems.

Fuel Storage

C H Faul supplies and installs the Froling range of bunker filling systems. We can complete the design of your bunker and have handy features like bunker cameras and level sensors installed to manage your fuel levels. Our spring blade agitators offer maintenance-free feed systems for our range of wood chip boilers, and for pellet boilers, we can offer a range of fuel feed solutions to match the storage space available.

Contact C H Faul for more in-depth information about Froling's Biomass Heating solutions or look through the range of wood chip boilers, pellet boilers and log boilers available. You can also visit their website www.froling.com.