Froling S4 Turbo ULEB

Froling S4 Turbo ULEB

Wood Gasification boilers are the ideal heating solution for homes and businesses with a plentiful supply of firewood.  Set up to work with buffer tanks and incorporate a solar heat system, the Froling S4 Turbo has been proven in New Zealand, delivering reliable heat and potable hot water for New Zealand domestic customers and commercial hospitality operators.

The S4 Turbo is available in a standard boiler or with an optional pellet flange providing the customer with the option of converting the boiler to dual-fuel by attaching a pellet burning unit at installation or at any time in the future

Outputs Available

22kW, 28kW, 34kW, 40kW, 50kW, 60kW


Seasoned split logs up to 500mm in length

New Zealand Organisations using this Boiler

Takaro Lodge, Te Anau (2 Boilers)