HVAC Design and Build

HVAC Design and Build

For all your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning needs in Otago and Southland, call C H Faul. Based in Invercargill, we bring over 60 years in the industry to each installation or retrofit project and offer ongoing servicing, repairs and maintenance on our set-ups. We provide HVAC solutions for homes, offices, multi-storey buildings, swimming pools, schools and more.

Many homes have issues with condensation due to poor ventilation. Modern homes are very well sealed and require a means of ventilation to stay healthy. Ventilation and Heat recovery systems allow fresh air to be brought into the house while recovering the existing heat via a heat exchanger. This allows the house to be fully ventilated without throwing away valuable heat that has already been paid for.

Residential and Commercial Ventilation in Southland & Otago

A drier house or business is also much easier (and cheaper) to heat as any excess moisture in the air will absorb any heat energy before the rest of the house can be heated. C H Faul can tailor a heat recovery or ventilation system to your home so call us now for a free no-obligation quote for all your heating and ventilation needs.

C H Faul can also sort out ventilation for your commercial building. We can build and supply ventilation systems for everything from office blocks to paint spraying rooms. We are a registered IQP and can make sure you have everything in place to go through the building consent process smoothly. We also offer a 24/7 callout service for our commercial customers. We offer all our customers preventative maintenance and regular servicing to keep everything running efficiently.

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